Made by Rutibex
Powerless Pack is a tech/adventure pack that requires no electricity of any kind! It is designed to be hard as balls and have all the tools you will need to automate you life, but no power requirements!

Made by F.Y.C. Team…fyc-pack.125797
This pack is highly modeled after Tekkit and put together to give you different options for power, industry, item/liquid/energy transfer and storage with a little magic and adventure thrown in. I have tried to keep this pack as balanced as possible, without being tedious, while maintaining a decent progression speed to the top tier equipment.

Made by Inacio…/inaciopack.372
A tech based mod pack made my Inacio. Outrageous!

Wylker Lets Play
Made by Wylker…s-lp-modpack.40
This is a collection of 90+ mods that I have assembled/played with over the last year or so of minecraft. You can see it featured in my current Let’s Play series. As you can see this pack is a lot more focused than the previous builds. I think its a great blend of technology and magic and most importantly mods that bring a lot of life to the otherwise barren minecraft landscape. Enjoy!

Infinite Quest
Made by Rutibex…s/plus-red.7770
Infinite Quest is an adventure style mod pack in the style of Daggerfall and Planescape.

Toast Crunchy
Made by GhostSeven…y-modpack.75881
Goon Mod Pack Inspired By Technology, Science And Plus+
A big debt to SA, Goon Modders and the Platform

Made by Technic Team
A streamlined multiplay adventure style pack!

Big Dig
Made by 30.5 Days
Technology and big ores!

Made by Technic Team
Automate your life! Fly to the moon! Build a space station!

Made by OMP Team
OMP (Formerly Plus+) originally started as a simple pack that consisted of every mod Rutibex could conceivably add to Minecraft without it crashing and burning. If you want to play ALL most of the mods, then OMP is definitely for you.
#plusplus on

Plus Multi
Made by OMP Team…lusmultipack.21
Anything and everything we can cram into Minecraft SMP, with a focus on tech mods. Build sprawling factories and dominate minecraft with your technological power!

Plus Sigma
Made by OMP Team…lussigmapack.27
Designed to be a spiritual successor to the YogBox. Subscribing to both the YogBox’s goal of improving the adventure experience of Minecraft, as well as the Plus+ ethos.

Sky Den
Made by Vib Rib…ky+Den+1.01.rar
ChocolateySyrup, with whom I made a handful of mods back in the day, is making a Skyblock map with a loose story called Sky Den, which I’ve had the pleasure of helping to test. It’s designed so that every item in the game is renewable or farmable, so unlike some Skyblock maps you won’t run out of gold or what have you.

Made by Shukaro
Roots is a compilation of mods designed to show off how you can do cool things in fresh and exciting ways by using new and oft-overlooked mods in lieu of the boring old ~standards~; IC2, BC, Forestry, etc. I encourage you to explore these new mods to see just what you can do with them, I think you’ll be surprised.

Plus Block
Made by Rutibex
I’ve been promising it, and now here it is PlusBlock v1.00! I don’t know about you but I was getting tired of waiting for a new Feed the Beast challenge map to appear so I decided to make my own! Plus Block isn’t just a challenge map though, it’s a great way to start off any game of PLUS+ Plus Block lets you play any map and have more fun doing it! Be weary there is over 100 mods here if you don’t have a powerful computer you may have difficulties.

Made by Rutibex…LUS%2Bv1.99.rar
Every conceivable mod than can be crammed into Minecraft. This pack is almost unplayable

Cheaty Classic
Made by Rutibex…/plus-blue.7767
This is Cheaty Pete Classic for Minecraft 1.2.5! A blast from the past, this pack feels like a very stable and complete experience. I know I played this version more than any other. It is single player only, and as a result runs very quickly. This pack is the last version where EE2 Thaumcraft 2, and Somnia worked. This pack also includes Logistics Pipes, Teleport pipes, Computer Craft, and Redpower 2. Who needs AE? What’s a Tesseract?

Tekkit Classic
Made by Technic Team
The Original Tekkit, a blending of Technic and multiplayer Bukkit. The ultimate modded server pack of it’s time.