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Motif Applications

Welcome to the MotifZone Wiki, the definitive source for information on Motif! We have compiled a list of common Motif applications in this wiki.


Applications for the desktop


Applications for the Internet, including mail, ftp and web browsers

Graphics and Multimedia

Applications for graphics and multimedia.


Applications for development.


Applications that do not fit elsewhere.


Applications for office tasks.


Applications for science tasks.


Applications for utilities and administration

Desktop (11)

1. File Managers (4)

  • bxfm Bryan's XMotif File Manager
  • FileMan A flexible and easy-to-use file manager
  • moxfm Moxfm is a free OSF/Motif based file and application manager for generic Unix systems running X11
  • xplore A powerful and highly configurable Motif file manager with an Explorer-like user interface

2. Games (1)

  • iMaze A multi-player, real time, 3D, labyrinth, run & shoot game

3. Mail (1)

  • Privtool PGP-aware replacement for the standard Sun workstation mailtool program.

4. Misc (5)

Internet (13)

1. Browsers (5)

  • Amaya Amaya is a browser/authoring tool. it is used to demonstrate and test many of the new developments in Web protocols and data formats
  • Arena A graphical wweb browser comprised of entirely free software
  • mMosaicm Mosaic is a derivative work of NCSA XMosaic 2.7b4. You can use it as a simple browser. It now supports tables and other supplementary tags
  • Mozilla Open-source web browser

2. FTP (4)

  • AxY FTP AxY FTP (formerly known as WXftp) is an easy-to-use FTP client for the X Window System
  • xdir LLNL XDIR manages files in a heterogeneous network. It provides a graphical user interface for drag-and-drop file transfer and for direct manipulation -
  • xftp LLNL XFTP can be used to manage files in a heterogeneous network by using an intuitive point-and-click interface
  • xgetftp Browsing and file retrieval tool for ftp

3. Mail/News (2)

  • Ishmail A full featured MIME-compliant email client
  • XMFmail An X11 application for receiving electronic mail

4. Misc (2)

  • GNU Talk Complete talk system that is a plug-in replacement of existing talk systems
  • smIRC SmIRC is an X11R6 IRC client based on the Motif widget set. SmIRC has most of the functionality expected from an IRC client

Graphics and Multimedia (35)

  • Alliance A free VLSI CAD system
  • AnimaBob An interactive volume rendering tool for generating movies
  • ArahWeave CAD/CAM system for dobby and jacquard weaving
  • Argo Exploring the use of digital audio/video, shared software, and high-speed networks to facilitate effective collaboration at a distance
  • Baudline Time-frequency browser designed for scientific visualization of the spectral domain
  • Dinotrace Dinotrace is a X-11 waveform viewer which understand Verilog Value Change Dumps, ASCII and other trace formats
  • GLG Toolkit High performance C/C++ and Java graphics
  • GNU Electric Sophisticated electrical CAD system
  • Grace Grace is a WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool for the X Windows System and Motif
  • GRASP Graphical representations of algorithms, structures and processes
  • ImageMagick An X11 Image Processing and Display Package; supports over 68 image formats
  • jsplot jsplot is a mixture of a technical plotting tool and a simple drawing and presentation graphics program. It runs on UNIX using X11/Motif and on Windows
  • MGvA Motif PostScript viewer
  • MOLMOL MOLecule analysis and MOLecule display
  • MPEG Player for Unix This is an updated version of the original Mpeg Player developer at UC Berkeley
  • mplaymidi A midi file player for Linux
  • MPMAN Portable MP3 player GUIs project
  • NGraph Scientific graph drawing application
  • QMol A lightweight molecular viewer for Windows 95/NT and X Windows
  • Snd Snd is a freeware sound editor modeled loosely after Emacs and an old, sorely-missed PDP-10 sound editor named Dypsnd. It is currently an X/Motif app
  • TiMidity++ MIDI to WAVE converter/player
  • TNImage TNImage is an imagee anlaysis oreinted toward scietnfici and technical image analysis. It has been used extensively by molecular biologists
  • Xmmix Xmmix is a sound mixer utlity for the X Window system using the OSF/Motif interface. It works with the Linux sound driver as well sa any UNIX system
  • xmms MP3/multimedia player brings the Winamp interface to X Windows and UNIX/Linux
  • XmRaido Radio for your X Windowing system
  • xv Interactive image display, conversion and editing
  • XYPLOT Plotting and data analysis program

Development (60)

1. General Development

  • Amulet Automatic Manufacture of Usable - C++ GUI development environment to be portable across X11, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh
  • CDE Common Desktop Environment
  • LuaMotif Lua binding for Motif, BSD licensed
  • VDX GUI builder for Motif, GPL

2. GUIBuilder (6)

  • BX PRO BX PRO provides a comprehensive visual reuse environrment that speeds development of mission-critical applications
  • LXB An X/Motif interactive graphical user interface builder
  • SAMMI GUI builder for realtime/redundant/high performance applications
  • TeleUSE for UNIX GUI builder using Motif
  • UIM/X The premier client/server application development tool
  • X-Designer Advanced and feature rich X/Motif GUI builder. Also includes GUI testing and legacy Motif application migration tools

3. Toolkits (29)

  • Amulet Project User interface development environment for C++
  • Coin 3D A LGPL'ed implementation of the Open Inventor API
  • Cygwin/XFree86 A port of XFree86 to the Microsfot Windows family of operating systems
  • DDD Graphical front-end for command-line debuggers such as GDB, DBX, WDB, ladebug, etc
  • eXceed PC X Server and development toolkits (aka "XDK")
  • Fresco At one point Fresco was an X consortium supported effort and viewed by many as the future C++ toolkit for X
  • FVWM Homepage Provides virtual desktop support, a built-in pager, SHAPED windows and icons, the capability to use color icons with XPM support, and a module interface that is easy to modify and add functionality
  • GNU plotutils Library and utils for various plotting needs
  • GraphApp C portability toolkit which allows programs to work on many operating systems and with many screen resolutions and depths
  • Hisot-Scope Plotting Widget Collection of six Motif widgets for graphing and plotting
  • ILOG VIEWS Portable C++ library of graphical objects and behaviors with a GUI editor
  • IUP Portable toolkit for building graphical user interfaces
  • Klm Free scripting environment based on the Motif toolkit
  • Mesa 3D graphics library with an API that is very similar to that of OpenGL
  • mxascii X/Motif program to display ASCII character set (0-127)
  • Netpbm Utilities for primitive manipulation of graphic images
  • OpenDX Software package for the visualization of scientific, engineering, and analytical data
  • Python X extension X11 interface to the Python language
  • The XPM Format and Library ASCII image format and a C library
  • Tooltips made easy Tooltips can be integrated in Motif without great changes. The tooltip utlitiy contains all the functions needed for this
  • V C++ GUI Framework
  • VieweKit More than just a set of C++ wrappers, ViewKit provides an application framework for developing in C++ and Motif
  • Wafe This package provides a scripting interface to Xt, Athena Widget Set, OSF/Motif, and various complementary widget classes and extension packages
  • wxWidgets C++ framework providing GUI and other facilities on more than one platform
  • Xarm A C++ wrapper of the Motif library and the Xmext library. Xarm supports both Motif 1.2.x and Motif 2.0.x
  • XForms Home Page A graphical user interface toolkit for X
  • XIE and XIElib X image extension
  • Xmt Provides user interface developers tools that make Motif easier to use. Xmt consists of the core library of additional widgets and utility programs
  • Cross-platform GUI toolkit for C and C++, supports X/Motif, Windows, and Macintosh using the same code base

4. Widgets (22)

  • ansi xterm ANSI Xterm with Motif Scrollbar
  • Contributed Widgets Provided with the X Windows distribution, it is a good place to start too!
  • EPakPRO EnhancementPak is an advanced set of OSF/Motif widgets extensively tested in hundreds of large-scale commercial software applications
  • HView HTML Widget Motif widget that renders HTML text
  • INT X/Motif INT X/Motif Widgets are quality assured software components available for such tasks as seismic and well log display and editing and surface contouring
  • Knvas widget Provides graphical display and direct manipulation methods. One might use this widget to display graphics that the end user would directly manipulate
  • ListTree Widget A low resource widget designed to display text strings in a "directory list" sort of structure
  • LiteClue Widget Free bubble help/tips/balloon help widget from Computer Generation
  • mcmap Displays X colormap
  • mdgclock Digital clock in Motif
  • Motif Widgets in Motion Three widgets to display scientific data as dynamic plot
  • NCSA Mosaic NCSA Mosaic source
  • qtip Balloon help in Motif applications
  • SciPlot Widget A full-featured Xt widget to display 2D data in a graph
  • Spinbox Widget A freely available widget that allows you to provide users with a pre-defined set of values accessible by an arrow
  • The Xbae Widget SetGroup of three widgets, originally part of the Bellcore Application Environment
  • Wafe A programming environment for X toolkit based applications
  • Xg widget set Provides Motif equivalents of many of the controls found in MS Windows
  • WINTERP 2.10 The OSF/Motif widget interpreter
  • XmHTML Supports HTML 3.2 functionality
  • XmpSpinbox Widget An extensible data selection widget
  • XRT widget set An excellent collection of widgets including 2D/3D graphs and tables

Miscellaneous (16)

  • arcapos arcapos is a POS (point of sale) application that used Motif for front desk application
  • asWedit asWedit is a comprehensive and easy to use HTML and text editor for the X Window System and Motif
  • Motif Widgets and Tools Stuff from Computer Generation
  • PCMODEL Molecular modeling program
  • ROOT CERN's object oriented data analysis framework
  • tkdiff A graphical front end to the diff program
  • X Analyser Frequency spectrum analyzer and other sound-based apps
  • Xastir X amateur station tracking and information reporting
  • xdiff X11/Motif based file comparator and merge tool
  • XEphem XEphem is a complete astronomy program written in Motif. It also includes a handy tooltip mechanism that requires no changes to existing widgets
  • xmana Graphical interactive data analysis program
  • xmcd Xmcd is a full-featured CD player utility package including xmcd, a CD player for the X Window system using the Motif graphical user interface and cda
  • XmNap XmNap is a Motif napster client. It supports chat, firewalled download and upload, hotlist and a limited set of privileged users
  • xmstat Statistics program
  • xps Process tree display and manipulation
  • xquote Quote retrieval tool

Office (18)

  • asedit An easy to use text editor for X Window System built around Motif Text widget
  • ASHE (A Simple HTML Editor) Editor for HTML documents written using C language NCSA Mosaic widget and Motif library
  • GNU Oleo GNU Oleo is a lightweight free spreadsheet application. It has internationalization support and a Motif/LessTif interface
  • Maxwell Linux word processor which provides all the usual features you would expect
  • MGv Motif PostScript viewer loosely based on Ghostview 1.5
  • Motif Desktop Calculator Programmable scientific desktop calculator, able to work in decimal, hex, octal and binary
  • Motif Rolodex A set of card file database programs designed to be simple yet robust
  • mp PostScript pretty printer
  • mxkill X/Motif interface to PS
  • PAPyRUS Word procesor for UNIX systems
  • Plan Motif calendar and day planner by Thomas Driemeyer
  • The lpe extendible drawing editor Drawing editor for creating figrues for includes into LaTeX documents
  • XEmacs Powerful, extensible text editor with full GUI support, initially based on an early version of GNU Emacs 19 from the Free Software Foundation
  • Xinvest Xinvest is a free personal finance tracking and performance tool for the X Window System
  • xpdf a PDF viewer for X
  • Xquote Xquote is a free WWW quote retrieval tool for the X Window System
  • XPRN XPRN is an RPN calculator for real and complex numbers with a Motif/X11 GUI. XPRN works with real numbers, matrices, and complex matri
  • YRolo Rolodex software, an address book

Science (2)

  • XEphem UNIX astronomy software
  • XNBC V8 Simulating biological neural networks

Utilities (21)

  • gloe A simple Motif based editor
  • Mfsm X Windows Motif utility that monitors free space and user quotas of filesystems
  • minfo Motif info program
  • Mtink a Status Monitor for EPSON Inkjet This status monitor supports most EPSON printers and allows for changing the cartridge on the Stylus Color 480 and 580
  • MXterm MXTerm is xterm patched to use the Motif widget library
  • nedit The coolest WYSIWYG text editor
  • TCM Collection of software tools to present conceptual models of software systems in the form of diagrams, tables, trees, and the like
  • ted An easy Rich Text Procesor for X Windows
  • Thot A structured document editor
  • treeps Treeps is a program for Unix/Linux that is designed to make monitoring and interacting with the running programs on your system easy and intuitive
  • vxe and vxwol vxe: a great motif based C/C++ IDE and text editing environment. xwol: a class library with reusable user interface components such as dockable toolbar
  • xlupe Magnifier for X
  • xmad Data acquisition program (works with xmana)
  • xmbase-grok desktop database
  • xmmix Premium audio mixer utility
  • XMPI A Run/Debug GUI for MPI
  • xmtoolbar A simple toolbar for Motif 2.0
  • XNotesPlus Successor to XPostifPlus and xpostit
  • XnView View and convert graphics files
  • xqs (X Query Server) Retrieves information about an X display server