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Recommendations for writing HTML

Work in progress, check back later =)

This webpage is written with the intention of making the visitor's experience to your site, at the very least, a painless one; to highlight that writing good HTML is a matter of proper style, accessibility and standards adherence.

Browser Wars

We will start off by reviewing the history of the Web from the perspective of the vendors that have come and gone over the years.

Style guides and good practices

All these links have very valuable information! I suggest going through it all.


Static site generators

These programs make writing HTML pages easier with macros, templating and related functions.

HSC ("HTML Sucks Completely")
A HTML preprocessor. Likely the oldest one which is still very useful today, written originally for AmigaOS 3 in the 1990s, in ANSI C. This website uses HSC to build its contents! Therefore, I have decided to make a local mirror of HSC's Git history, as well as its documentation.
Written for (a website on self-injury information and support) around 2003 in Perl.
NAMAC ("The Nano-markdown Compiler")
This was written for Shadow Wiki by its author. It has an unique webography feature. Overall it has refreshingly simplistic functionality, and it seems to work out well for Shadow Wiki.

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